TikTok: Sharks with lasers

I generated this video with https://ossa.ai/ based on a story written by ChatGPT.

Alex slammed the laptop shut, frustration boiling over like a tempest in a teacup. “Why does nobody like my videos?” they ranted to an empty room, voice echoing off the walls with a mix of anger and disbelief. “I mean, come on! I even had sharks with lasers in the last one! Sharks! With lasers!” The absurdity of their own statement momentarily paused the rage, a brief chuckle escaping, but the frustration was quick to return. Each refresh brought the same dismal view count, a digital rejection that stung anew every time. Alex’s monologue to the void continued a mix of genuine hurt and bewildered irritation at the internet’s unpredictable whims. “Is it too much to ask for a little appreciation? A few likes for my laser-shark masterpiece?” In the grand theatre of social media, where virality was king, Alex felt like a court jester, jesting to an empty court, save for the sharks with lasers, who, in Alex’s mind, surely deserved a standing ovation.