TikTok: If I don't get views I will destroy Earth using meteorites. Like this video to prevent that from happening. #earth #destruction #meteorites

I generated this video with https://ossa.ai/ based on a story written by ChatGPT.

In a shadowed room, lit only by the flickering light of a single computer screen, I sat, brooding over my latest TikTok video that, once again, failed to gain any traction. The sting of rejection from the digital world morphed into a dark resolve. “If I can’t win them over, I’ll win over the cosmos,” I muttered, turning my attention to the arcane and forbidden knowledge I’d acquired over years of obscurity. With a mixture of ancient incantations and cutting-edge technology, I called down meteorites from the depths of space, aiming them at Earth, my heart hardened by the cold indifference of an audience that never was. This was my revenge, a catastrophic rebuke to a world that had ignored my creative endeavors, a final, fiery performance guaranteed to go viral across the universe if only there would be anyone left to witness it.