TikTok: AI's pronounciation suffers in low-Oxygen environments

I generated this video with https://ossa.ai/ based on a story written by ChatGPT.

Floating in the boundless embrace of space, astronaut Maya Hart gazed through the porthole of the International Space Station, her eyes reflecting the breathtaking tapestry of stars and planets that stretched into infinity. Each day in orbit was a profound reminder of her insignificance in the face of the cosmos, yet also of the incredible human spirit that had brought her here, millions of miles from home. Surrounded by the silent majesty of the universe, Maya worked tirelessly, conducting experiments that could one day unlock new mysteries of space. But it was in the quiet moments, Earth rising like a blue jewel against the backdrop of eternal night, that Maya felt a deep connection to every soul on the planet below, a solitary sentinel in the vast expanse of space, bridging the infinite with the touch of human curiosity and courage.