TikTok: A story about a girl who didn't like to read and didn't want to learn how to read

I generated this video with https://ossa.ai/ based on a story written by ChatGPT.

I had ChatGPT write it all in lower case so it would be easier for my daughter Emilie to read.

there was a girl who resisted every attempt to learn how to read, her world filled with vibrant images and sounds that spoke louder than any words on a page could. she danced through life, curious and bright, yet when it came to letters and books, she shrugged, feeling the magic lost in translation. her parents fretted, and teachers sighed, but she simply couldn’t see the allure, preferring the stories whispered by the wind in the trees and the tales spun by shadows on her bedroom wall. it wasn’t until a dusty, forgotten book in the corner of the library caught her eye, its pages fluttering open as if by magic, that her resistance began to wane. the illustrations leaped out, beckoning her into a world she had never imagined, where words danced with images in an intricate ballet. suddenly, she wanted to decipher these secret codes, to unlock the stories waiting silently on those pages, realizing, at last, that reading could be another adventure, a new way to see the world.